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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The flowers around Wendy's tree

It's months and months now since I have written in this blog, but no day goes by without me remembering Wendy and missing her just as much as ever. Spring brings mixed emotions, like so much of my life now. It's heartening to see the daffodils in my garden in flower. And my pot of Wendy's cheerfulness is almost ready to burst into colour. But every new bloom also reminds me again that she is not here to see it.

So it seems appropriate that there should be good news and bad about the flowers we planted around Wendy's tree last autumn. If you go there today, there is not much to see but a few bare shoots.

A little over a week ago, I went there with Sam and we found two little irises and several snowdrops in flower. To prove they existed, here's one of the irises and here's a snowdrop. But last Sunday I went again with Marie and Bess to see if their crocuses had come up yet. Sadly, everything was gone except one battered-looking snowdrop.

It seems the sheep have been feasting!

There are of course photos in my 'Wendy's Cheerfulness' gallery to record the brief life of the flowers in her new garden by the lake. There are also more pictures of the stunning sunsets that seem to be so common along that shore.

When I told Tim the sheep had scoffed the flowers, he said "Mum would have quite liked that!" I think he's right.

And anyway, it won't be too long now before the bluebells will be out in the woods nearby.


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