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This blog has been created as a celebration of the life of Wendy Margaret Cronin (born 16 October 1944 and died 10 October 2007). The blog owner (me) is Steve McRobb (aka Macro) - I was Wendy's partner and then husband for almost 30 years. To add comments or a post, you must be an invited friend or family member - email me if you knew Wendy and would like to join.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

More of Wendy's wisdom

I thought I'd add this as a new post, rather than add to the previous one on this topic. Here are some more thoughts and sayings that have come to my mind.
  • On a walk, she used to call the contents of her pack (extra clothes, gloves, hat, food and drink, etc) her comforts. She was the only one who regularly brought a hot water bottle to a camping barn. We used to joke that she ought to take that on walks too.
  • For years, she argued restaurants should have a sleep room, where guests could snooze after a meal. Wendy could sleep anywhere at the drop of a hat, so, though not her joke, we used to encourage her to write The Good Sleep Guide. She never ever saw The Big Sleep all the way through...
  • She always wanted her porridge to be Baby Bear porridge. That went along with her insistence that any coffee I made for her had to be a nice cup of coffee.
  • She once talked tactfully about my need to apply suncream to "that bit of your face that goes over the top of your head"
  • She once said "I sing just like a bird - unfortunately that bird is a crow!"
  • Wendy loved to watch birds come to the little fountain by our living room patio door for an upside down shower - especially the way blackbirds like to wash under their wingpits.
  • She complained how boring the wildlife near our garden was. One morning last summer she went into the garden very early to hear a pigeon announce over and over again: "I'm a pigeon..." - yes, I know you are! Then the crows joined in: "Crow, crow" - yes, yes, I know what you are too!
  • She was annoyed by the irresponsibility of the sandwich-scrounging sheep on Kinder Scout. She told one with a lamb: "You're setting a very bad example to your lamb - you should be teaching it to eat grass!"
  • In the same vein, she discouraged me from putting out food for the wild birds in summer: "They should be finding their own food, not coming here for free handouts!"


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