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Monday, 25 February 2008


For many of us in the Quiz League in the mid 1990s, there was a treasured Wendy moment that is remembered with affection. No one is quite sure of the venue, who exactly was in our team or the opposing team– maybe we were at Knossington, maybe at home at the Stag and Hounds. However, the question to the team was something like: ‘What is the name of the island in the Bay of Naples’. Wendy immediately and seriously said it was called ‘Die’, although others thought it was probably Capri. ‘Why do you think that, Wendy?. Because it’s ‘See Naples and Die’. She was insistent that this was the island and had always thought so. We may have been tactful (probably not) but over-ruled her, and Capri was right. This brilliant topic was returned to throughout the evening as a nice tease but it had sewn seeds of doubt. Some of us got the atlas out when we got home just to be sure. Wendy was sure.

Judy created a convincing Stop Press page in an Italian travel brochure especially for her. This is the text:

Stop Press - New Destination

Neopolitan Riviera – Island of Die

Fly direct to Machiavelli Airport from the UK.

Only 3 miles long, Die rises from the blue waters of the Bay of Naples to the peak of Monte Mortis nearly 222 feet above sea level. Every corner seems to reveal a breathtaking panorama of sea and sky

You will be staying at the 5 star Hotel Lucretzia Borgia.

Combine a week on the fabulous island of Die with a week on the mainland in Naples - it’s a combination made in heaven! See Naples and Die!

Wendy took this in good part, of course, and was reminded of her Naples moment on many occasions; indeed she often mentioned it herself and didn’t, of course, mind the teasing over many years.


  • At 25 February 2008 at 16:49 , Blogger Macro said...

    I clearly remember Wendy's reaction when she got home that night. She was a bit embarrassed, but also thought the whole episode was hilarious. Her explanation was that someone must have told her the "See Naples and Die" story when she was a child - possibly as a tease - and she had just believed it without question ever since. Until that night at the Quiz...

    Judy's spoof travel brochure joined a list of other Quiz Team legends that Wendy laughed about over the years - the sales leaflet for Panda Stabilisers and Franz Hals' famous painting The Laughing Kangaroo are just two of the others. She enjoyed other people's little cock ups and embarrassments, but was always just as ready to laugh at her own.


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